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MASTERCLASS "PRODUCE YOURSELF TO SUCCE$$" WORKSHOPS ---  "the ultimate "ONE DAY" turbocharge or jump start for your entertainment industry career.    



Cameron Collie reviewed Bobby Galinsky Entertainment Industry Masterclass / Clinic — 5 star

Last April I attended Bobby's Masterclass in Melbourne and I can honestly say I learned more in that one day than I have reading any books on film production. The methods and techniques that Bobby teaches will enable you to fully realise your ideas and start you on the road to success with your projects. I have just signed an option with CBS to remake a US TV show here in Australia.

I am in discussions with an award winning US screenwriter to make a feature here. I have one comedy series in concept development with a Australian TV network and I am also talking with a best selling Australian author in regards to optioning her latest novel. None of this would have been possible and certainly wasn't even on the cards before I attended Bobby's Masterclass.

All of the above has happened in the last 9 months.

To say I recommend Masterclass Clinic is an understatement. If you are looking for a future in film and television then attending the Masterclass is a must.